What is this about?

The Past

I used to be a biomedical research scientist. So, I enjoy making sense of numbers using charts and spreadsheets. In the past I had never taken much interest in finance, though. I am not a big risk-taker either, but I enjoy learning new things. The idea of trading as a potential source for alternative income appeals to me. I set off on my trading journey in spring 2017.

The Journey

When I started this blog, all I wanted was to write about my journey on becoming a retail trader to help me process lessons learnt. I was only really interested in stocks but then started dabbling with cryptocurrencies. Eventually, I became interested in the workings of the financial world, money management and business. I even started my own service business.

This Blog

The purpose of this blog is mainly to share insights and opinions with the reader. Don’t take anything on here as bullet-proof advice, as I am merely a scholar of the markets and the world we inhabit.

Even though I sometimes write about service providers, commercial products or specific equities, such mentions are neither endorsements nor recommendations to buy or sell.