Those £2000 are doing nothing!

I received an email from a sales person today whose company has partnered with my broker. Obviously, they want me to try out their products.
I told him that I have enough on my hands with stock trading and am not interested just now. Wrong timing, mate!

He got back showing me a screenshot of my trading account saying that there are £2000 sitting in the account in cash doing nothing. I didn’t bother replying this time.

Doing nothing?!

These £2000 give me peace of mind because they mean that I haven’t blown up my account. These £2000 make me a proud newbie trader because they tell me that I haven’t thrown my money recklessly at everything that moved (as they say). These £2000 allow me to take out new trades whilst the other money is tied up.

Doing nothing for me? – Not in my world, pal.