The evil twins – FOMO and hindsight

“I could kick myself!”

I don’t know how often I have said this to myself in the last few months.

Seriously, it’s like I never learn. Every situation seems different in the moment, but on reflection my bad decisions almost always come down to FOMO (fear of missing out). One big problem is, once I’ve ignored my rule, I feel lost. There is no anchor on which to base a new decision. Any decision I take then feels wrong.

Of course, once I recognise that fact, hindsight kicks me in the butt. “How could I do this?!” … “Why didn’t I …?” … “I should have…”

After I’m done beating myself up, I think, ‘Right, this is it. I’ve learnt my lesson. It won’t happen again.’ – Yeah right!

I have accomplished quite a few things in life so far. I really wouldn’t have thought that I am capable of sabotaging myself so much.

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