Fees can kill you!

broker fees kill

Due to two disappointing trades recently I started thinking more about exits and returns. Are 3% or 4% a good return per trade? Should I aim higher, risk having to stay in a trade for longer and potentially suffer through a temporary downturn or eventual loss? What is the effect of trading fees on my returns?

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Size matters!

pound coins

Proper risk management is still a bit of a mystery to me. I have come across bits and pieces of advice talking about stop losses, probabilities, position sizing etc. So far, I have only really practised honouring my stops instead of letting losers run away with my money.

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Summer break – Time to reflect

holiday break

This is the second time in these first few months of trading that I am forcing myself to take a break. OK, it’s generally time to unwind. It’s summer – time to kick back a little and go for a wee holiday.

They say, you shouldn’t trade when your head is not in the right place. I have closed out almost all of my real and paper trades; just so that I can stay away from it all with a peaceful mind.

And then what?

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