Property is boring

Around the time I was slowly getting into stock trading a friend asked me why I don’t consider property development instead. She’s had some experience with it and found it rewarding.

But property is boring, working with builders is frustrating and dealing with tenants is tedious! Right?

This friend and her husband have invested a lot of time and money into becoming more proficient property developers and made a business out of it in 2017. Their progress last year was astonishing!

What does this have to do with me?

Whilst I am fascinated by their drive, I also realised very quickly that this isn’t for me, at least not now. I have no interest in handling property. However, this couple was looking for early investors to ramp up their business and were willing to pay a decent interest rate for private loans.

Oh, yes! I went for it.

To be fair, I would have never invested with a property start-up run by strangers. I would also have never invested with friends who are less professional. But these two are impressive! They took a lot of time in explaining things to me. They’ve even taken me round to some of the flats they were doing up.

Until I am ready to allocate a larger chunk of my savings to trading, I feel that I should work my money a bit instead of just letting it depreciate in a bank account. So, investing with my friends was a relatively easy decision. On top of earning interests at a rate that no bank would give me nowadays, the money is also locked away from me. Should I see some success in trading I might get ahead of myself and increase my trading account before time. This way, I can’t… well, not without hassle.

A profitable way of keeping myself in check. How about that?!