How to Day Trade review

I got hold of a freebie pdf of this book by Ross Cameron after sitting through a webinar/sales pitch by Warrior Trading. I don’t remember details, but I took notes during the webinar, which must mean that it was useful. The only annoying thing was the extensive sales pitch at the end to sign up for their training course before they released the link to the pdf. If I remember correctly, they sent the same link in a follow-up email anyway. Hmph! Had I known! Anyway, the book was worth it.

reading a book

The book touches on all the essentials I expected as a complete newbie – a bit of psychology/attitude, risk management, loads on charts and indicators, some strategies and more. Cameron includes lots of screenshots of real charts to demonstrate patterns. Overall, I felt that it gave me a very good introduction to charts and raised my awareness of the importance and an approach to risk management. This book is not just useful for day traders, but any budding stock trader.

It is well structured and I really like the writing style. – Simple, but not patronising. Warrior Trading boast with rivalling some big names on the educational side, and, judging from this book and their blog, I believe that.

Looking at them side by side, I’d say Cameron’s book is more technical, whilst Burns’ book deals more with attitude.