Property is boring

Around the time I was slowly getting into stock trading a friend asked me why I don’t consider property development instead. She’s had some experience with it and found it rewarding.

But property is boring, working with builders is frustrating and dealing with tenants is tedious! Right?

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Fees can kill you!

broker fees kill

Due to two disappointing trades recently I started thinking more about exits and returns. Are 3% or 4% a good return per trade? Should I aim higher, risk having to stay in a trade for longer and potentially suffer through a temporary downturn or eventual loss? What is the effect of trading fees on my returns?

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Expectancy – Reward for invested effort


Expectancy is suggested to be an even more important metric than accuracy to evaluate your trading performance. I see it a bit like a contractor’s day rate – the pay per unit of invested time with effort and experience being factored into the charge. Only that expectancy denotes your pay per trade with invested time and effort being rewarded (or not), and it is more of an average rather than a guaranteed amount per unit.

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