Free info and tools in the web

The internet is brimming with free information and tools for all types of trading. A lot of it seems to serve as a hook to get you to buy this seminar or that membership special access. That’s fine by me. People put a lot of effort into creating these things and then give them away for free, some even without automatic sign-up to newsletters that’ll spam your inbox.

Below are some sites I have come across; by no means an exhaustive list. Also, I have stopped following some of those by now, but wanted to list them anyway because I got some value out of them.

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That stock market thing

I never used to be all that interested in finance. I was good at saving my pocket money and later my earnings, but never really thought about what to do with the cash. My mum dealt with such matters and that suited me just fine.

Over the years, I started wondering, though, what that stock market thing was all about, but never took any action … until December 2016. That’s when I began my home edcuation by reading up ‘what is a stock’. Yes, seriously, that basic! Then I subscribed to Investopedia‘s free newsletter, which has delivered educational snippets right into my inbox ever since.

I have learnt that there are loads of things you can trade – stocks, various forms of derivates, currencies, …
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