How to Day Trade review

stock trading book review

I got hold of a freebie pdf of this book by Ross Cameron after sitting through a webinar/sales pitch by Warrior Trading. I don’t remember details, but I took notes during the webinar, which must mean that it was useful. The only annoying thing was the extensive sales pitch at the end to sign up for their training course before they released the link to the pdf. If I remember correctly, they sent the same link in a follow-up email anyway. Hmph! Had I known! Anyway, the book was worth it.

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7 Questions before paying for a course

critical thinking

I have come across a few traders online offering courses that teach you their strategies. The big promise is a fast track to success which bypasses the tedious and painful learning curve they had to go through themselves.

I am in two minds about this. For now, I have decided to do my own thing until I understand trading better, know what I want to get out of it and what my preferences are. I think there are quite a few questions I’d need to ask myself before signing up for a course.

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