Adam Grimes’ free course – review

I first heard about Adam Grimes on Chat with Traders. He struck me as somebody who has put a gigantic amount of research into his study of technical trading.

The amazing thing is that he teaches at least some of his insights in a free online course. Yeah, I hear you… yet another free course by some salesy trader. But no, it’s not!

No photos of stacks of cash, fancy cars and a swimming pool in the garden, no screenshots of charts claiming to depict his winning trades or prints of his accounts showing thousands in profit. – Just pure knowledge transfer and workbook exercises. To be fair, he does refer to his book on the odd occasion, and it is listed as a reference in the exercise material simply because it appears to be the basis for this course. However, I don’t feel harassed and it’s good to know how the free course relates to the book should I ever choose to buy it.

Grimes seems to have a genuine interest in educating people on understanding the markets, not just have you copy his technique as other self-proclaimed mentors do. He does occasionally touch on his own approach, but very superficially. I think he offers it to get you started, get you thinking about your own chart analysis. Grimes is also not shy to challenge some beliefs that are sold as facts elsewhere, such as the use of Fibonacci ratios and moving averages.

The old course

Grimes recently took his old free course off the website to revamp it. If I remember correctly, I was in the middle of module 3 at the time and was struggling a bit. The first few modules felt pretty slow and the videos were quite long because he seemed to ramble on at times. I get it, though, I do the same when I talk about a topic I know well and am enthusiastic about.

Anyway, I was a bad student because I wasn’t yet in the right mindset to be taught the way Grimes had laid out. Even though totally naive, I was still too impatient to sit down and listen. I strongly believe that everybody needs to figure out their best way of learning. I have ranted about this previously.

Nevertheless, I took some nuggets away.

The new course

There are currently 4 new modules up on Grimes’ new site. I have just completed module 3. Grimes keeps adding modules every so often and sends out emails to alert subscribers.

I must sahappy buddhay that the revamp greatly improved the course. Great job! Well structured. Videos lasting less than half an hour. Well-paced, no rambling. In short, I’m a fan! Being more teachable now obviously helps a lot as well.

One topic that hasn’t been discussed yet is trading psychology. In the old course Grimes tackled this early on. He even shared meditation exercises. Not sure whether I’m ready for that sort of stuff, but it was certainly interesting. There is a meditation section on his website, though. I have yet to check it out.

The exercises

Grimes has designed workbook exercises to go along with the course modules. Admittedly, at the moment I pick and choose which ones to complete. I suppose I’m still not his most diligent student…

Completing some simple tasks like marking pivot points in price charts or identifying trends and ranges made me aware how much detail I had overlooked or ignored. I briefly followed his suggestion to draw price action by hand, which gave me a better idea of scale. Moves that looked dramatic in my online charting software with its auto-scale function, were a mere blip or even close to a straight line on paper because of its fixed scale.

All in all, the course videos and exercises are very informative. I look forward to the future modules.